Container Store Found Awesome

If good customer service excites you…

The “best companies” competition has inspired me to send in something positive for a change, since I usually gripe and swear not to go back to wherever any more.

…this letter will have you sweating your pants off. Friendly, helpful sales associates. Employee opening up register just for consumer so she had zero wait time. Employee helping pack stereo components in car. Shine!

The light of spirit can bask in the glow of the missive after the jump. The cynical can analyze what economic forces might influence such superlative behavior. Both can find room to roam in the netherspace of comments land.

“Dear Consumerist guys:

The “best companies” competition has inspired me to send in something positive for a change, since I usually gripe and swear not to go back to wherever any more. I had the nicest experience at the Natick, MA Container Store this evening. I’ve written them a complimentary letter and in it I promised them to try to get them some good free press through the Consumerist.

I went in tonight to buy a set of Elfa drawers to add to a system I already had started in one closet. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I didn’t expect to fumble much for the components, even though I had my infant son with me. As soon as I set foot in the Elfa area, an employee asked me if I wanted help, and I declined, as I usually do. I said that I knew what I wanted, and I’d put the components together myself. But Mike the friendly sales associate insisted, saying I already had my hands full, and within five minutes of hearing what I wanted, had all of the components in a cart for me and parked it near the registers so I could browse for a while. I did browse, and when I went to check out, Mike was there again, opening a new register so I could check out immediately. He rolled the unwieldy drawer liners neatly and banded them so they would stay rolled, packed everything back into the cart, and walked me out to my car. My son had started to fuss by then, so Mike said I should tend to him and he’d pack my car for me. And he did. This wasn’t the first time I had good service from the Elfa associate. Their closet planners are always super-friendly. But this guy really went above and beyond.

But wait! There’s more! After I left, I went to pick my husband up at work, and while I waited, I noticed that I’d accidentally been charged twice for three items on my order. I had a large order, and their checkout counters don’t have conveyors, so I was sure it was just a mistake. I went back, and they credited me promptly and apologized. Isn’t it sad that this kind of ordinary fair treatment is rare enough now that it’s worth mentioning?

If every place had that kind of service, you guys would be out of business. No, they’re not the cheapest place ever, but I’d rather be treated like that and get quality merchandise any day.




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  1. etinterrapax says:

    Because I too am cynical, I thought they might have just been trying to get rid of me because my baby was starting to fuss, but who cares. I’ll take it.

  2. ModerateSnark says:

    I was thinking about suggesting you might be a MMTFSALF, but it’s not like me to be that crude.

    Forgive me, etinterrapax. And Mike.

  3. drsmith says:

    MMTFSALF? Do people just make these up out of the blue to confuse other people? A google search of the web only yields this page.

    If you were to ask me(and I tend to be cynical), either Mike is one hell of a guy or he wants to go out on a date with etinterrapax.

  4. etinterrapax says:

    Drsmith, you’re on the right track to guess the acronym anyhow. Mike was, however, best described as a “kindly older gentleman,” not my grandfather’s age, but definitely old enough to be in AARP territory, and while that doesn’t absolutely preclude a flattering interest in dating me, it does soften the likelihood of its being the reason.

    What’s really flattering to me is that you both mentioned this, never knowing whether I’m some sort of hag. My ego is most pleasantly massaged.

  5. ModerateSnark says:

    I thought you’d decode the acronym, etinterrapax.

    drsmith, as a rule I rarely use the things, even in email. I’ll spell out “By the way,” rather than using BTW. I used this acronym for a specific reason. If you demand a clue, one of the M’s is for Mike, which explains why you can’t google it.

    (A one-word googlewhack! Cool!)

  6. Ben Popken says:

    Kara writes:

    “The Container Store is fairly consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for. And they’re apparently getting better (15 last year, 6 this year)

    Who could possibly have imagined that treating your employees well and creating a great work environment might translate into improved customer service and long-term profitability…? “