Time To Look Up Attorneys In Verizon SuperPages

It’s nice to tell Verizon they can’t have any more of your money. Less nice? When they decide to just take it anyway.

Upon turning down a Verizon ads telemarketer who wanted to sell him Verizon SuperPages ad space, J.D. found himself being billed for it anyway. He called Customer Service and demanded that the charges be removed, but — surprise, surprise — they declined. They argued that the only proof of consent they needed to bill him monthly was his business Tax Identification Number. The problem? There’s numerous contexts where you might give that out without requesting to be billed monthly for a service.

Needless to say, Verizon also declined to supply him with written documentation of authorization or an audio recording of him agreeing to the service. Apparently, those calls are only being recorded for training purposes… not to expose a telemarketer who just decided to put himself down for a small commission anyway.

Make sure to check out the post’s comments… it’s a gold mine of Verizon horror stories.

Verizon Sucks [Folded Space]

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