Paris Can’t Get Discount At Glasgow Hilton

Even Paris Hilton can’t get a discount at the Hilton. Well, at least when not requesting one for no specific reason and failing to identify herself over the telephone.

On a Glasgow radio show, everyone’s favorite for-no-particular-reason celebrity turned incredibly talented amateur porn star called up the local Hilton as a prank. She asked Kevin, a reservations clerk, whether she could have a discount on the standard queen room of

170. She was apologetically told there was no discount that could be given to her.

Then, failing to identify herself, she told Kevin she’d be calling her manager and hung up.

We’re posting this less because it reflects badly on the Hilton Hotels — denying service to Paris, accidental or not, is surely a triumph of customer relations to which any company can aspire — and more because we wonder in what universe of bovine vapidity this qualifies as a ‘prank’. Identifying herself as Paris and being turned down by an incredulous rep? Or a boyfriend releasing another Paris Hilton porn tape on the Internet? Now that’s a prank.

Paris fools Hilton hotel [Sun Online]

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