Save Money On Your Bills Through Lies and Deception

Months back, we dismissed some advice on lowering your cable bill (try to cancel and then saying you change your mind if they don’t lower your bill) with a snarky retort. We viewed it as spineless capitulation of consumerist ideals

We understand where we were coming from, but we’ve since read enough reader horror stories to understand that we can’t expect a fair shake from any company, and going off to a competitor for lower rates just ends up with you getting reamed with a more alien protuberance. Consumers need to use every tool at their disposal — including lying, cheating and manipulation — to get good service. The days of Geneva Conventions and conscientious objectors when dealing with Corporate America are behind us: we’re at war, and if a company isn’t willing to give you fair service through diplomatic means, you’d better be ready to open their gullet with your teeth.

Having changed our minds, it’s good timing that the Personal Finance Advice Blog has updated their advice on lowering your cable bill through the art of misleading feints and strategic deception. 15 minutes on the phone with a CSR can net you the same amount that $4,500 in a 5% account will earn in a full year. Let’s all abandon our morals and just do it: at the very least, calling up and trying to cancel all our monthly bills in pursuit of discounts ought to supply us with prime ‘Readers’ fodder.

50% Off Cable TV Bill [PFAdvice]
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