Sleepy Comcast Denouement

Once again, the guy who took a video of the Comcast technician asleep on his couch, is dissatisfied. Oh, his internet works fine and everything. No outages, no malfunctioning routers, no snakes crawling out of his cable box.

Brian’s unhappy because Comcast fired the technician and won’t rehire him. Brian has called at least three times, asking Comcast to to rehire the tech, but they have declined.

“This was a structural issue, the man should never have been on hold for over an hour,” writes Brian on Snakes on a Blog. “This was a problem to be dealt with by structural changes, not by scapegoating. If Comcast was trying to make me happy, they failed.”

While Brian’s sentiments and efforts are noble, he should get real. Comcast ineptitude aside, there’s no excuse for falling asleep on the job, especially at a customer’s house. Anything less sends a message that this behavior is tolerable.

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