Circuit City Executive Customer Service Contacts

If you have a difficulty with Circuit City and can’t find resolution through the normal route, you may appreciate this list of contacts.

There’s their executive response supervisor, a specialist, legal counsel and then some.

If you recall, executive level customer support people are the equivalent to biomechanically engineered supernazis, except, working for the forces of good.

Hotwire Circuit City, after the jump…

Circuit City
9950 Mayland Dr.
Richmond, VA 23233
Customer Service: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-527-4164

John Milliron, Executive Response Supervisor
Phone: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-934-3865

Mikele Ervin
Executive Response Specialist
Office of the Chairman, President, and CEO
Circuit City Stores
(804) 527-4000, ext. 3221

Mary Louise Roberts
Circuit City Legal Department

Anna Marie Henderson
Circuit City Legal Counsel
Fax: (804) 418-8248

(Thanks to William!)



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  1. Circuit_City_Stinks says:

    I purchased a DVD recorder from Circuit City on-line as the item I wanted was not stocked in the physical stores.

    On receiving it I found it was not working properly and prompty called Circuit City. They emailed me a return shipping label and off it went back to Circuit City at no charge to me.

    After 5 days the return arrived at Circuit City and I called the next day to confirm the tracking information was correct and to find out when they would be sending me a new one.

    The normal support person could not know how long it would take so I asked to speak to a manager.

    They transfered me to the “Head Office” and I spoke with a “manager”. He told me it would take up to 14 days to send one back out. (plus 3 to 5 days to receive it) I was not happy to hear that it was going to be a MONTH before I would even get to use my $400 DVD recorder.

    I tried to explain to the manager that I would have been better off just returning it to the local store and ordering a new one and this person started arguing with me that that was not possible as they did not stock it in the stores. “You said that yourself” he exclaimed. He obviously didn’t understand the point I was trying to get across and did not want to hear it.

    At this point the “manager” became BELLIGERENT with me so I asked for his last name. He said they don’t give this out for security reasons and instead gave his manager number. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He said he was the supervisor. I said no I want to talk to your boss. He said he was the highest one at the company. (funny stuff Reggie is the Boss at Circuit City) I told him never mind I would call his Corporate office. He said he was the Corporate office. (funny stuff Reggie is the Corporate office) I thanked him and hung up.

    I then called and left a voice mail for “John Milliron, Executive Response Supervisor” at the number above. (after I went through their prompts)

    I received a call about an hour later from a woman who had a thick accent and could not speak english very well. She wanted to know why I called them and “what she was to do for me”. I started to explain and she QUICKLY became BELLIGERENT raising her voice and arguing with me. I thanked her for her time and told her to never mind I would take care of it myself.

    I promptly called the support line back and cancelled my $400 order. I’ll be calling them in the next few days to ensure my credit card was refunded.

    Last year I purchased a $4000 wide screen plasma from Circuit City and the year before a $600 speaker system.


    I will NEVER purchase from Circuit City again EVER. They have lost me as a customer forever.

    If you ever purchase from them (which I don’t advise) I recommend you only purchase from a physical store that you can return the broken items to without any hassel. The MANAGEMENT does not care and this goes right up to the “Executive Response Supervisor, John Milliron”.

    Circuit City is a joke and if you ever talk to REGGIE the BOSS over there, give him a big kiss for me, he’s the best!

  2. kalam911 says:

    I found a good offer for a Toshiba laptop on the circuit city webpage. The laptop could only be purchased in-store; when I arrived at the Rego Park (Queens, NY)store, there were vouchers given to customers. I had not been there early enough for the voucher, however, I was told that I may be able to purchase one even without a voucher. I just needed to wait for two hours for the vouchers to expire and then I’d be able to purchase one. I waited on the line along with other customers until 10:00 A.M., at which time the customers with vouchers were still making their purchase and those of us w/o vouchers waited in hope that there were more left to be purchased. The sales associates would not tell us if there was enough of the item in-stock for those who were on the line. Regardless, people waited for over an hour. When the last customer holding a voucher was served, an associate announced that the item that it available now includes installations / has been set-up and we would be charged an additonal $40.00. Most of us agreed to purchase the item. At the time of purchase, I was not informed that the $40.00 charge would not be refundable if the merchandise was returned. When I brought the laptop home, I started to test it and found that the specifications posted online did not match the specifications on the notebook-the actual processor speed was much less than what was posted. I went to the store to return it because I was not happy with what I learned about it after the purchase, the manager for the computer dept. said that I would be able to return the item, however, there was a restocking fee for open box items…I explained that the items were already open at the time of purchase b/c they opened it to set it up…the manager did not argue further; he then said that the $40.oo they charged for the software installation would not be refunded. This software installation policy was not explained to me at the time of purchase, now it appears to have been a gimmick to charge customers an additional $40.00…additionally, the installations they performed were not done properly because upon turning the laptop on. i was getting error messages. The manager was not very cooperative or willing to resolve the matter, I asked to speak to the store manager and this individual (the computer dpt. manager) claimed that he was the only manager available. I contacted the customer service and spent over two hours on the phone in the store and finally returned the laptops for a full refund once I said that the customer service wants to speak to the store manager…the operations manager handled the matter very quickly. Iwould never shop at circuit city again.
    J. Kazi

  3. Buran says:


    Personally I would have told them I would be filing a chargeback for charging me $40 more than other customers were charged for the same item and because they didn’t even do their job right.

    This also sounds like bait and switch. They got people in the door with one price advertised and gave some people that price, but jacked the price for others.

    I never buy anything more than DVD movies from Circuit City.

  4. cayla-f says:

    wow that’s so funny, I have almost the same exact thing happen to me, and it was about my printer. Only I purchased it at the store. Also, I did not read the FINE print that after 14 day’s NO REFUNDS and NO RETURNS!! I think this story is becoming the joke of the century. I also had the same girl with a heavy accent that I could not understand, be not so friendly. Is that the idea? Hire them because no one will understand what the hell they are saying?@Circuit_City_Stinks:

  5. studkahuh says:

    I’m sorry, but your inability to read the stipulations defined on your receipt are no one’s fault but your own. In every Circuit City or Best Buy I’ve ever been to they also have the return policies posted throughout the store in addition to being printed on the receipt.

    Additionally, CC/BB are RESELLERS of a product. Which… means…. they RESELL the product. It is not their product, and instead of complaining, did it not ever occur to you to contact the MANUFACTURER of your printer. After all, they’re the ones who actually made (hence the: manufactured) the unit, and it would be their warranty that you are now under.
    Typically, most manufacturer warranties are a minimum of 90 days, so you should still be inside it.

  6. cowboysoul says:

    I shopped around for the best price for a portable DVD player for the company I work for. I found it at circuit city. The model was a Digital Labs DVD player. I purchased it on July 7, 2007. I didn’t purchase an extended warranty because I thought it had a 1 year warranty, and if it needed a repair, I would pay and have it repaired. It did breakdown, and I took it to circuit city to find out where I could have it repaired, because the company I work for lost the instruction book. Circuit City could not tell me where to have it repaired. I found a place to repair it buy going on-line. They couldn’t repair because they said it needed an optical lens which was not available. I’m upset because why would circuit city sell something that can’t be repaired, or the part is not available. I’ve learned from this mistake, not to buy anything that doesn’t have a name brand, but I’m still upset that circuit city would sell something that can’t be repaired or where the parts are not available. I’ll think twice the next time I buy anything from circuit city. (

  7. floridajeff says:

    I was shopping and noticed that a video card I wanted had a great price. Since I have purchased over $3000 worth of equipment in their stores in the past 12 months with their credit card I thought great, another good deal.

    This video card is the eVga 8800gts priced on their website at $79.99. This also had a rebate for $50.00 that is not included at that price. When you add the card to the cart it charges you $249.99 which is crazy.

    I obviously did not want to pay this price as you can tell from the link listed here that it says “You Pay $79.99”. I immediately contact Circuit City through their website contact page. 24 hours are this I received an email from Joesphine Flippen telling me that my case number is #1033695 and that they would forward this problem to their web development team. So great they are working on the issue.

    I reply in an email asking “So when may I purchase this at $79.99?” And Kike D. told me to call their phone number and they would be happy to take my order. Of course I called an there was NOTHING in this case number that allowed anyone to help me. Karen and Mel (Supervisor) told me that sales would have to fix this and I should have purchased this card at the full price, then go to a store with a print out and show the price error and I would have got a refund of the difference. There was nothing they could do for me.
    So they then transfer me to sales, where you guess it, Charita could not help me either.

    After they hung up on me while I am being completely polite I not get Tim in sales. I asked him to transfer me to a supervisor, after talking to Jennifer for 10 minutes she says they I can not buy it because they do not have it in stock, when I asked about the price she said there was no way she could help, guess what, she was not a supervisor! More time wasted!

    I finally get a nice supervisor in customer service. Davida Winfield said this was a marketing mistake and should would forward this to them as they were closed for the day. I thanked her and she copied me in on the email. I got no reply after days, I asked again through email to Mrs. Winfield and she said she would resend the email to merchandising.

    It has been another 4 days and no one has called me or even emailed me. Circuit City is crap and disgusting to deal with, I have been a supported of them for years and will no longer purchase from them. I will also cancel my credit card at the end of this month.

    The lesson here folks is there is NO customer service anymore and these are the same people who will wonder why their company went bankrupt in 3-4 years. Why be a loyal consumer anymore???



  8. minka says:

    This October I launched an Executive Email Carpet Bomb at Circuit City after patiently exhausting all the regular channels, and despite the fact that I did this only weeks before they filed for bankruptcy, I was contacted the next day by the CC president’s assistant, Scott Harris, who did clear up, in a matter of weeks, what had taken me two months, unsuccessfully, up to that point–the replacement of my non-working laptop which was still under CC warranty.

    I followed the tips from the Consumerist EECB article and used the sample letter as a model, though personalized it so that it didn’t seem like a form letter. About half the emails bounced back but half made it through (I sent 11 in total), and that was enough to see results. I used the *scott.harris* form of email addy–all with an underscore bounced back–and compiled my e-list by looking under the “corporate governance” page on the CC website as well as a CC complaints article on the Consumerist.

    These are the emails that went through:
    and you can add to the list

    It still took a bit of wrangling with Scott Harris to see my laptop issue to a satisfactory conclusion, but I encourage people to try this method if you’ve exhausted all the regular channels and have gotten nowhere speaking to store managers and supervisors (I tried for two months before I went the EECB route). It worked for me, even with CC on the verge of bankruptcy, and was well worth the time and effort it took to do.

    Thank you Consumerist for providing such great information! I don’t think I would have gotten my problem resolved without my EECB, especially as the particular CC store in NYC where I was having all my troubles announced it was closing, just as my issue was cleared up.