Circuit City Executive Customer Service Contacts

If you have a difficulty with Circuit City and can’t find resolution through the normal route, you may appreciate this list of contacts.

There’s their executive response supervisor, a specialist, legal counsel and then some.

If you recall, executive level customer support people are the equivalent to biomechanically engineered supernazis, except, working for the forces of good.

Hotwire Circuit City, after the jump…

Circuit City
9950 Mayland Dr.
Richmond, VA 23233
Customer Service: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-527-4164

John Milliron, Executive Response Supervisor
Phone: 800-251-2665
Fax: 804-934-3865

Mikele Ervin
Executive Response Specialist
Office of the Chairman, President, and CEO
Circuit City Stores
(804) 527-4000, ext. 3221

Mary Louise Roberts
Circuit City Legal Department

Anna Marie Henderson
Circuit City Legal Counsel
Fax: (804) 418-8248

(Thanks to William!)