T-Mobile Hopes You Forget Your Security Deposit

Shh, no one must know we have their deposits…

Even though Raymond has had two lines with T-Mobile for two years, they still don’t trust him. When he wanted a third line, they asked for $250 security deposit, refundable after one year. Ray writes:

    It has been 2 months longer than 1 year, so I called them up tonight to figure out what was going on with this. Kristin…informed me that the money that is taken for a security deposit is not automatically refunded .. in fact, they get to hold onto it as long as they want until the customer calls about it and submits a formal request to have a refund.

That’s worse than a landlord. What does Catherine Zeta Jones do with all those unclaimed deposits? Maybe she hides them in her balloons. She has a hot air balloon collection, didn’t you know? Pervos.

Do any other companies make you beg for your deposit back? It certainly seems a poor, if not deceitful, business practice.

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