Gold’s Gym Won’t Let Dead Cancel

It’s not just AOL that is reluctant to let you cancel an account when someone dies. So too, the church of the body. Barry writes:

    My Dad died about 2 years ago, and it was no problem to cancel his electric and gas service, telephone, etc. Even the credit card companies were fine. I think AOL required some proof. But Gold’s Gym required an original death certificate to cancel him. Like we’re gonna lie about it?

    Best part is after the credit cards were canceled, Gold’s Gym tried to charge him for another month.

Sir, we definitely saw some of those barbells and leg presses move of their own accord. Obviously, his will for a good physique reaches beyond the grave.

Here’s what you do in these cases: tell the companies to go stuff themselves with a big fat chargeback.


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  1. BostonBum says:

    “Like we’re gonna lie about it?”

    Have you seen how hard it is to get out of gym memberships while you’re alive? I’m pissed at myself that I never feigned death to try to get out of one.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one Consumerist hasn’t suggested this as a way to get out of a contract.

  3. Gyms won’t let go once they have their well tanned and toned hooks into you.

    I was moving out of the area convenient to the single location, had a note from my doctor and had just been laid off from work and had paperwork to prove all of this and they still gave me a hard time until I cornered the manager in his office and refused to leave until it was resolved.

    My only next recourse would have been calling… LOCAL NEWS.

  4. the donkey says:

    Gold’s Gym is notorious for this, along with others but most have gone to that first and last month paid up front and you are good to go whenever you please. Do not sign up for sessions with a trainer. Keep in mind, trainers are losers that have no skills and can’t do anything else. It is a complete rip off. My mother signed up for 30 hours of training, for $1300 and this lady didn’t even train her how to do basic stretching after 15 sessions of so called training. This was at the Gold’s gym in Brownsville, Tx. The valley is also notorious for lack of customer service, its like Mexico down there. Different rules of business and service. Beware!