Burn Dell Laptop Burn

This has been shooting around the net today but here’s a nice confluence between a Dell and the flames of Hell.

Makes Macbooks overheating problems seem like an ice cube in comparison.

According to Japanese business conference attendee Guilhem, “The damn thing was on fire and produced several explosions for more than five minutes,” reports The Inquirer.

Digg readers seem to think it’s a laptop in Dell Latitude D series, henceforth THE laptop of choice to give your mother-in-law.


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  1. Madrid says:

    Ah yes, the Dell Latitude Diablo series.
    [cue Disco Inferno]

  2. I bought a Dell Inspiron 5100 three years ago that started acting weird about three months after I got it. Troubleshooting the problem online I diagnosed that my particular model was known for overheating frequently. Fortunately, I also bought the three year full warranty/service plan, and sent it in. It came back with a new heatsink and fan. About three months later it started overheating again. This time they replaced the heatsink, the fan, AND the CPU which was now fried.
    Since I bought it, I’ve had to send it in about six or seven times, each to replace the fan and heatsink.
    At first I asked if I could just get a brand new model, and even sent them a print out and links of the message board postings of others having the same problem. Dell has never acknowledged this persistent problem, although the model was pulled off the market shortly after I bought it.

    While this sucks, I must say that the warranty service is awesome. I’ve sent the laptop out on a Monday morning once and I received it back on Wednesday afternoon… it has never taken more than four business days from the time I’ve sent it their way to getting it back. Also, the Indian service people who’ve helped me troubleshoot have been stellar, responsive, and knowledgable. Just wish they’d issue a recall on problematic equipment… seems like it would save them money in the long run.

  3. Paul D says:

    My Dell 5100 is still alive and kicking almost 3 years after I bought it. It runs a little on the warm side, but it’s never so much as hiccuped at me.