CK Sample Calls Our AOL Story Lousey

An anchor commentator at AOL-owned questiond the veracity of our post, “AOL Wants to Sell “Internet” to the Dead.

C.K. says: There is no corroborating evidence to support this story or the letter that the story is based upon…there’s something that smacks of the urban legend or internet mythology in this piece.

That’s correct, there’s no evidence. We would love to have a smoking gun but it’s too good a story to pass up. Instead, we have a picture of a louse.

Here’s but a notion: C.K., if you want conclusive proof or disproof, why not entreat of your AOL homebase to provide you with Brenda’s records? Drop us a line, we’ll ask Brenda if it’s okay and disclose the necessary information for you to pursue this line of inquiry.