Consumerist on G4, Small World Podcast

We did a good a whole bunch of media-whoring this week. In addition to CNBC, we also hit up G4’s Attack of the Show to talk about viral marketing.

Small World Podcast interviewed us about The Consumerist in general. Check it out here.

G4 was kinda funny because they wanted us to say that viral marketing is bad, but we don’t really believe that.

The problem, more often, is people decide they want to create a viral ad, instead of trying to make something cool. If you’re all, oh, it’s going to be viral, so there will be no cost to distribute it! There’s gotta be 80’s clothes! And chicks, and some weird sex thing! That’s not gonna work. Pretending to not hire mommies to talk about your diapers is not good either. But have pink goo cover a girl and turn her into a giant shimmering sequin? Sign us up.