AT&T No Longer Exists

Some people just are gluttons for punishment. Ed Horrell gets his fill by calling up customer support lines and recording the results.

In this clip, Ed calls up an AT&T number and gets a Cingular operator. The CSR tells Ed that AT&T no longer exists. Ed’s confused because he saw an AT&T store in town. The flustered rep suggests that maybe the store is too poor or lazy to have changed their singage over.

Listen here.

Check out more of Ed’s calls at his site, Talk About Service.


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Adam writes:

    “I myself am a former Cingular sales rep-I spent just over a year in one of their call centers. The saddest part about that call is that it’s so typical. Your average rep is kept so completely in the dark about major policies and events it’s not even funny. The managers would tell us that AT & T wireless was bought out by Cingular, but couldn’t give us any sort of way to explain that in a sensible fashion to the inevitably confused folks who called in. If we were talking to, let’s say, an AT & T wireless customer who wanted to add a line, we were to suggest they switch to a Cingular plan (which was more expensive and meant they had to also buy new phones). My favorite part was that even though the menu options on the 800 number were (obviously) flawed, we had to maintain a certain ratio of calls taken to sales made in order to keep our jobs. Hearing that call brought back memories of wanting to bang my head on my desk repeatedly until a) delirious or b) unconscious every time I had to try explain something that was never adequately explained to me. Thank God I quit.”