The News; Home-Wreckers

• Add up the savings and now you can get a candy bar every time you fill up. “Gasoline Prices Decline Again” [LAT]
• Nah, when they’re getting a commission as both a buyer and a seller, they totally have the consumers best interests at heart. “Real Estate Brokers a ‘Cartel,’ Consumer Group Says” [LAT]
• Sour rapes, that’s all it is. “Verizon Sues Vonage in a Patent Dispute” [NYT]
• Newsflash! If you redesign your crappy airline website, more people will use and buy tickets. (We could probably learn a thing or two from this article, actually.) “The New, Sleek Airline Web Site” [NYT]
• Bernanke should commission Bob the Builder to sing them a cheer-up song. “Builders’ confidence lowest in 11 years” [CT]