RIP Rosie, Run Over By A Royal Taxi

Poor Rosie, a.k.a. Rosenburger. Some Canadian’s beloved canine companion, churned under the wheels of Royal Taxi license number ANZZ 461.

We can only hope Rosie’s in a better place now, far away from a mortal coil full of hit-and-run Royal Taxi drivers. We like to think she’s watching flocks of frisbees migrate across the cerulean sky as she sits underneath the low-hanging boughs of a hamburger tree, scratching a flea.

Remember, if you see a death black Royal Taxi careening through the streets of Toronto with the motto “When You Think Service Think Royal” emblazoned on the side, be sure to hail it with a blasphemy and a quivering middle finger. And if you happen to see one with the license plate ANZZ 461, please flag him down, drag the scumbag from behind the wheel and pulverize him.

Rosie RIP (Thanks for the downer, Tim!)

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