We May Be on G4’s Attack of The Show Next Week

Now, we don’t want to be purveyors of vapormedia, but we may be on G4’s Attack of the Show next Tuesday, June 20th, broadcasting LIVE at 7pm. Editor of The Consumerist, Ben Popken, is slated to appear as a talking head during “The Loop.” That day’s discussion will be around “viral marketing.” (Make sure you use the index and middle fingers, especially the middle fingers, on both hands when you read that.)

We’re supposed to be the “anti-viral guy” and they’re trying to get Douglas Coupland to be the society-at-large type guy and somebody else will be the yay-for-virals ad agency person.

Got any virals you absolutely hate or adore? Name-drop them in the comments, maybe they’ll warrant a mention. Give us venom to drop on national TV.

Personally, we hate betterthanbeer.com, anything new and Burger King King related, and we enjoy the terrorist VW polo spot, and the make-your-own Chevy Tahoe commercials (though of course not for the reasons Chevy intended).

For our part, we’ll take a big slug of whiskey and try not to sound like the assholes we really are. Stay tuned.

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