We May Be on G4’s Attack of The Show Next Week

Now, we don’t want to be purveyors of vapormedia, but we may be on G4’s Attack of the Show next Tuesday, June 20th, broadcasting LIVE at 7pm. Editor of The Consumerist, Ben Popken, is slated to appear as a talking head during “The Loop.” That day’s discussion will be around “viral marketing.” (Make sure you use the index and middle fingers, especially the middle fingers, on both hands when you read that.)

We’re supposed to be the “anti-viral guy” and they’re trying to get Douglas Coupland to be the society-at-large type guy and somebody else will be the yay-for-virals ad agency person.

Got any virals you absolutely hate or adore? Name-drop them in the comments, maybe they’ll warrant a mention. Give us venom to drop on national TV.

Personally, we hate betterthanbeer.com, anything new and Burger King King related, and we enjoy the terrorist VW polo spot, and the make-your-own Chevy Tahoe commercials (though of course not for the reasons Chevy intended).

For our part, we’ll take a big slug of whiskey and try not to sound like the assholes we really are. Stay tuned.


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  1. Elvisisdead says:

    The PSP virals with the fake graffiti were really bad. So bad, in fact, that loacls actively subverted the campaign by spraypainting ofer the Sony crap or with alternate messages.

  2. stubar says:

    Please oh please do not neglect mentioning the glory of the cat getting decapitated by the Ford sunroof. I love cats and all (especially mine), but that shit’s just awesome.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Carrie writes:

    “1) The best viral marketing thing that I came across, which I truly loved, was Innocent Escapes by Brawny Man Paper Towels:


    I wasted a huge amount of time watching all the videos, shared them with all my friends, and there was much delight to be had by all, along with fun conversations on why people are more attractive when they are wet. Since enjoying these videos, I have found that when I go to the store, I actually will buy Brawny paper towels over other brands, simply because I think they should be rewarded for having created something so note-perfectly hilarious and well crafted and silly. And, you know, I’ve never really noticed any quality difference between any paper towel brands, and the price difference is usually less than a quarter between them all, so it doesn’t really matter. (In general, I am not a “Brand” shopper). So yeah, I don’t know if this really counts as viral marketing, but it worked on me, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    2) This is only kind of related, but a friend of mine in SF recently launched a website with the goal of helping him get a date with the british dj lady sovereign, asking folks to donate funds so he could earn $10,000 to take her out on a night on the town: http://www.helpmegetrandomwithladysovereign.com/

    He ended up raising the full $10,000, most of it on the last day, and at least $500 of the last chunk of change coming from a company who wanted to pick his brain to get ideas on viral marketing in exchange for their donation. He tracks how his site was picked up through the internets and other news sources from beginning to past the end of it, pretty fascinating. Thought you might find it to be of interest. “