Another Skeptical Musing on AOL CSR Firing

Chooki brings up a great point in the comments, which is how do we know that John was actually fired? There’s no proof, just a statement from the PR department.

PR is great, in 1929 Edward Bernays got people to associate smoking with women’s rights by having debutantes defiantly smoking cigarettes, scandalous at the time. Considering that half the statement is boiler plat anyway, who’s to say the rest of the chum spun by the AOL PR sluts isn’t? Goddamit, we demand pictures, preferably in gold frame like al-Zarqawi’s.

If anything, given his stellar dedication to ekking out the last dime possible, he was probably given a raise.

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  1. ModerateSnark says:

    You callin’ me Chooki?

    I thought I was ModerateSnark, but maybe I’m Chooki, too. Urban dictionary says I have a big unit. I can’t argue.

    That was my comment on the “musings” post. Of course, no mere mortal can read that comment, as it is still in hiding.

    But the Consumerists have been able to read my comments before, when I could not see them. They have special mutant powers.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    I only read Chooki’s, who made it on the AOL Fires Infamous CSR post. Chook’s is not entirely dissimilar to yours. I would like to say that each of you is special to us in your own special way, but obviously this is not the case. Think of it more like an Animal Farm where some are more equal than others, those being the ones we’ve happened to read recently.

  3. ModerateSnark says:

    At first I thought maybe you were calling me Chooki.

    I had posted a comment here (lost in the server shuffle) that said, in part, “I thought I was ModerateSnark, but maybe I’m Chooki, too. Urban Dictionary says I have a big unit. I can’t argue.”

    Now I understand that Chooki and I had each posted the same idea in different places. For the record (not that it’s a big deal), I was first.

    My comment at Some Skeptical Musings on the AOL CSR Statement at 06/16/06 07:05 AM:

    Muse on this:

    It would be so easy to just say they fired him but not do it, for the very reason that he was actually following instructions, not “violating [their] guidelines and practices.”

    If they did fire him, John could come forward and defend himself by saying he was just following orders.

    If they didn’t actually fire him, how would anyone ever know?
    Chooki’s comment at AOL Fires Infamous CSR at 06/16/06 08:58 AM:

    This may be a dumb question, but how would we know that a specific CSR was fired by AOL? Isn’t “we fired the guy” a standard non-answer?

    Incidentally, congratulations on your big unit, Chooki.

  4. ModerateSnark says:

    Oh, lookie!

    Ben had answered my earlier post. I’m glad I got curious and looked back at some old posts because this is the first I’ve seen it. I wonder when that finally showed up.

    Both 6/16 comments were still missing when I made my post 3 days later on 6/19. At the time I thought that all the comments that were going to be restored already had been.

    Thank geekness the missing comment issues are behind us now. (Of course, one might question whether I was unhealthily obsessed with the comment problems.)