We’re Moving!

We’re currently in the process of migrating to a fancy new publishing system. This should fix all the broken things

All the rules we told you about in the BooBoo post still apply, until we tell you they don’t.

Be prepared for the walls to cave in or just little twiddly wonks to crop up. Drop us a line if you spot anything amiss.

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  1. ModerateSnark says:

    Well, that was interesting…

    A few minutes after 9PM CT (10PM ET) I went to Consumerist.com and was apparently was on the new system. Many of the links were fixed, etc.

    What was funny was there was apparently no header graphic or icons, no style sheet or .css, so everything was all blue links on white background, very nineteen-ninety-fivey.

    As I started to post this comment, part of the formatting and icons had come back. Then I had to login again, and found I was back to the old site with broken links.

    So I guess it’s now 8 hours since you started moving to the new system. I suppose there were many false starts before the one I witnessed.

    Good luck and best wishes to all working on this.