Under Crescents and Scimitars, USBGeek Delivers

Exhaling plumes of velveteen smoke from his hookah, propped up against an Ottoman, surrounded by Turkish succubi fluidly gyrating in diaphanous silks, Consumerist J.K. dreamed of a better world… a world where USB gadgets at hot, affordable prices would be delivered to Istanbul with an affordable shipping option.

J.K. got his wish, and wrote us in to tell us about USBGeek, a company that accepts international credit cards with non-US alphabet characters for the credit card billing info and who also ship overseas at an affordable price.

J.K. writes:

    I recently stumbled upon USBGeek.com which sells almost any USB related gadget you can think of (there is even a USB powered aquarium with plastic fish!). What was unbelivable was that there was only 1 shipping option: $3 no matter how many items you order.

    At first I thought it was a scam but when I emailed the site about shipping options, I received a friendly reply in 5 minutes and I decided to give it a shot. I ordered ~$50 worth of equipment and begin waiting. After waiting for more than 25 (business) days, I mailed them to see if they could check the status of my shipment. Again, after 5 minutes I received a reply which said; no, they couldn’t track shipments but they could resend the shipment, could I wait for a few days just to make sure the shipment was lost? I had not even asked about resending the shipment and I replied to say I would wait another week.

    A week passes and no package in sight. I mailed them again asking them to reship the order. And they reshipped the order next day, at no additional cost for neither the products nor the shipping! Yesterday, two weeks later, I received my USB gadgets.

For those of us who aren’t blessed enough to dwell in the land of chocolate milk and honey ham, USB Geek sounds like a swell outfit. $3 shipping? I’m there.

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  1. Yes, USB Geek are on the level. They’ve been around for a while, too; I’ve reviewed a few of their products.

    The deal with them is pretty simple; they’re in Hong Kong, and so the stuff they sell costs them an insultingly small amount. Air mail from Hong Kong isn’t terribly expensive either, and it’s very reliable too as long as it’s going to some place with a reliable local postal service (Turkey may or may not qualify). So they can still make a profit, despite losing a bit of money on their flat delivery charge.

    The down side is that super-cheap USB gear is never terribly well made, and you get effectively no warranty from USB Geek – it’s not as if you’re ever going to want to package the thing up again and send it back to them, since that’ll often cost you more in postage than the device is worth, and then there’s the value of your time.

    So if you’ve got a local dealer who sells the same thing for little more, all up, than USB Geek charge, I recommend you buy from them instead. Otherwise, go ahead – USB Geek are honest, and their customer service is by all accounts better than you’d expect for cheap ‘n’ cheerful gear like this.

  2. Whoops – the review link should be http://www.google.com/search?q=site:dansdata.com “usb … .

  3. God dammit – the comment code eats the URL’s plus signs and breaks the link every time. Figure it out for yourselves :-).