Boiler Room Made Flesh

So, we put out the call for something as good as the AOL cancel call. Mark steps up with a link to his buddy Aaron’s site who hosts a call between himself and a Boiler Room type crapola stock seller, Josh.

Listen here at

Josh: Do you like to golf?
Aaron: Sure, I love playing with my balls.

Josh: How long have you been investing?
Aaron: Oh…mm.psh…let’s see. fifteee, eigh..oh, 133 years.
Josh: So your family’s been investing for 133 years–
Aaron: No, me personally.

What’s really amazing is that Josh keeps asking to send a dossier of info, but never asks for the address to close that part of the sale. Just ask for the mailing address, Aaron will give you a place somewhere in the Galapagos Islands, and you can go back to your phone book, it’s that simple. Part of one feels sorry for Josh. Really, he should just go back and complete that degree at Devry.

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