American Apparel Resignation Letter

Hot on the heels of news that American Apparel is stocking flip-flops from Thailand, seemingly flying in the face of AA’s commitment to ‘vertically-integrated, sweatshop free goods,’ comes a letter. A resignation letter from an employee from March 2005, who at the time claims to be the most senior Canadian American Apparel employee.


• Employees given Blackberries instead of pay.
• Delightful mix of socialist-capitalism, whenever it suits the company best.
• AA advertising, “cashing in on what you assume a generic public will perceive as subversive and political.”
• Senior management still lives at home with parents.

All in all, American Apparel seems like a great place to work if you’re easily manipulated and fond of tortuous prose.

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Letter redacted upon author’s request.


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  1. karl hungus says:

    This letter came about when I was still working for AA. It was passed around to everyone from the top of the company to the bottom. Alot of this stuff was widely head amongst employees as common knowledge. You never wanted to be promoted to a manager and you never wanted to get shipped off to open a store. The marks of death.

  2. WMeredith says:

    So are we all supposed to be aghast that American Apparel’s marketing bullshit was… marketing bullshit? How’s this different from any other retail chain?

    When you’re 16 you think that shopping at Hot Topic is joining the revolution. Then you grow up.

  3. Pssssst... says:

    Awesome letter.
    I wonder how long it took the writer to come up with all those objections.