Monday Morning Reminder: Your Stories Are Better Than Ours

Due to gross incompetence in tagging last week, we’re leaving off our usual bullet point list of reader stories: either the site’s tagging system has suffered a thrombosis along with last week’s quadruple Movable Type heart attack or both Ben and myself really spaced out on tagging reader stories last week. Considering we both spent the vast majority of it drunk in NYC, the latter is as distinct a possibility as the former.

Still, although we’re leaving off the most tedious part of compiling the officially sanctioned Monday Morning ‘freebie’ post, we won’t skimp on the nagging, the reminder, the begging for tips. Without your stories of consumer horror and assuagement, this site is just a beautiful template, our content limited to ‘wouldn’t it be awesome’ wishful thinking concerning our dialogues with snooty minimum waged Radio Shack sales jockeys. So unless you want to hear the imaginary consumerist manifestos we’ve supposedly delivered when being asked for our full address to buy a single fifty cent watch battery, send your stories in! They’re a hell of a lot more compelling than our own.

Likewise, if you want a commenting login, we’re always looking to hand them out. We’re fairly indiscriminate. Just mail us and ask. The only reason we don’t make it completely open is to keep the comment spam bots at bay.

Finally, the site’s obviously still borked. The tech team are making Herculean efforts to fix it, but this good news is slightly mitigated by the fact that they have no idea what’s wrong. Anyway, please bear with us… we’re doing a lot of behind the scenes jiggery to try to make sure that we’re the only ones really being inconvenienced. But if there’s an error in a post or the comment link isn’t immediately there, be patient with us.

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