HOWTO: Find Your Dream Car

Jalopnik’s got a nice writeup on finding your dreamsicle mobile. We’re not talking the sturdy, reliable, good fuel-economy trooper that we might normally advocate, rather, it’s more along the lines of when Jennifer Love Hewitt calls up MTV’s Fast, Inc and asks to find an early-70s BMW 2002 cream with tan automatic. However, the lessons learned could apply to any car quest, as long as you’re willing to do extra snooping.

1. Search the internet.
2. Call auto owner’s clubs…and talk to the wife.
3. Call specialized mechanic shops, for “A suitcase of silver bullets goes a long way at closing time.”
4. Try before you buy, see “Myspace dating.”

How to Find Your Dream Car, Courtesy of MTV’s “Fast Inc.” [Jalopnik]

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