CompUSA Unaware of So-Called ‘Internet’

Rick CC’d us on a letter he wrote CompUSA after trying to get them to price match Linksys NSLU2 network storage drive. He could get the drive at Newegg for $84, versus CompUSA’s $100, but kinda wanted it that day instead of waiting for shipping. The clerk said they only price-match competitors in the area. As in, the geographic space surrounding the physical store.

“I’m confused,” writes Rick. “Did I time warp back to 1998? Does CompUSA not realize that they compete DIRECTLY with on-line retailers?”

Whether you think Rick is right or not, he says, “…I put the product back on the shelf. I did not buy any of the other accessories I was prepared to purchase from you. NewEgg got all of my business.”

Brick and mortar’s will become ash and dust unless they step up and match or beat online undercutters.

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