Yap Browser: The Worst Browser Ever

When installed on your computer, it immediately hooks itself deep into the bowels of your registry like a tapeworm. If you try to buy something online, it’ll reroute you to a different site, or try to cash in on referral credit. It hijacks pages, logs keystrokes and, from the moment it is installed, calls out over the Internet to other spyware: “There’s a party over here and everyone’s invited!”

And best yet? Every time you enter a URL, you are served up child pornography!

Meet Yap Browser, the worst “browser” ever. Actually, it isn’t so much a browser as a spyware front end for IE. After causing some problems in April, it disappeared from the scene for awhile when every security analyst outside of Moscow labeled it a major security threat. Filled with spyware, exploits and virus. Achtung, achtung, achtung! YapBrowser went into hiding for a couple months.

But hey, now it’s back, and whadda ya know? It’s now advertising itself under the claim that it will fully protect users from harmful exploits and viruses. No similar promises have been made in regards to full protection from child porn. After all, that’s a feature of YapBrowser.

Return of Porn-Fetching ‘YapBrowser’ Raises Eyebrows [eWeek]


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  1. *clears throat and checks running shoes*
    This wouldn’t be a problem if the average PC user had a clue, a mac, or at least Firefox.
    *runs from collective crowd of haters and throws AOL cds at them*

  2. ModerateSnark says:

    I agree with YourTechSupport about Firefox.

    And to improve on the standard release of Firefox, the best security add-on is a
    javascript blocker like NoScript; you can easily turn on javascript only for the sites that need it.

    (Like Firefox itself, NoScript is free.)

    Even if you turn javascript on for the domain itself (like consumerist.com, so I can post comments), you can leave javascript off for other domains, like advertisers and data collectors. (NoScript tells me google-analytics.com, sitemeter.com, tocada.net, and falkag.net all want to run javascript on this page.)

    Sorry if blocking them messes with Gawker’s business model.

    I’m using a Mac running both Firefox and Safari at once. I use the browser that works best for each site I visit regularly.

    If I were stuck with Windows I’d use Firefox for everything, switching to Explorer only for sites where I’d tried everything else to make Firefox work first.