Real Snakes On A Plane: Viral Marketing or Implausible Adventure?

From the Too Timely To Be Real Department, this just in: a 62 year old West Virginia pilot screams “I’m sick of these muddafuggin’ snakes!” right before grabbing a cobra around the thorax and punching it right in the face.

Flying his biplane over Ohio on a breezy summer day, Monty Coles was surprised to discover a four and a half foot snake coiled around the throttle. Luckily, Monty didn’t do what I would do: sissily flap my hands perpendicular to my ears while running around the cockpit in circles and shrieking. Monty is a man of action.

Remembering some sage advice from his flying instructor — “No matter what happens, fly the plane” — what followed, according to Monty, was an epic battle between man and snake, thirty thousand feet in the air in an out of control airplane.

Of course, with Snakes On A Plane coming out this summer and all, we suspect this is viral advertisement at its finest.

Pilot Fights Black Snake Stowaway on Plane [Fox News]

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