Monday Morning Reminder: Another Gory Week of Consumerism

Over the last week, you told us about UPS deliveries that took over a year and Dell’s weekly promises to ship an imaginary product. You complained about McDonald’s breakfasts and lousy T-Mobile CSRs. The IRS sold all your personal records to the lowest bidder. Soho moved to American Warehouse. Bayer sold you a little bit of AIDS in your aspirin. Citibank lost your data again, Vonage fucked you, Office Depot gave you the run around. You found sexy home made porn on your friend’s hard drive and emailed to tell us about it. And there was a hell of a lot of crappy flying going down.

All strung together, it reads like some sort of Consumerist penny dreadful. But it really happened and we all want more. So if you’ve got a tip, complaint, or criticism, send us an email and we’ll make you the next chapter in The Consumerist’s gruesome ongoing serial.

Last week’s readers stories are listed after the jump.

And Hold the Hashbrowns!
Office Depot Gives Man Runaround, Literally
Dell’s Crazy Shipping Shennanigans Continue
AmericanWarehouse.US n

e Soho Store Still A Scam
Another Wipe Your Hard Drive Parable
Thunder Before The Storm? Another Citibank Account ‘Compromised’
Be a Customer Service Ninja
BREAKING: IRS Archive Control Sold to Lowest Bidder
Vonage Bleeds, Consumerist Feeds
Expedia Closes Ticket Change Fee Loophole Around Customer’s Throat
UPDATE: Trifecta of Crappy Airplane Stories, +1
UPS Takes a Year to Deliver Package
Mother’s Day Dining Gone Awry
This is Not News: Bayer Knowingly Sold AIDS Infected Drugs
USAA Continues to Rule
T-Mobile Rep Parries Consumerist Complaint
UPDATE: Trifecta of Crappy Airplane Stories
Frivolous and Lawsuits Have New Bed Partner: Useless
Consumers Confused, Angry, Relatively Literate
DISH Runs Away With Spoon of Injustice
SoHo Store Still a Scam
Comcast Sucks It