Big-O-Tires Rules

In a world filled with Hellacious (with a capital-H) customer service stories, I wanted to pass-on to you my positive experience today….

Sometimes our readers do manage to have great experiences. They write in about them. We post them. We wish the site’s format allowed us to bathe these posts in gold. We wish the gold would drip off the sides in exploding globules. Cause they’re rare and precious and should be given extra attention.

Rick’s rocking Big-O Tires letter, after the jump, is a case of the mouse getting a thorn in his paw and the lion pulling it out…

Rick writes:

    “I spent most of last week working in San Diego — returning to Portland late at night (later than planned, thanks to United Airlines). After trudging to off-airport parking, I found my car had a flat tire — just the thing you want at 11pm after a long business trip. Within 15 minutes, I had the temporary spare installed and was on my way home.

    Cut to this AM. I called the nearest Big-O Tire shop and told them I had a flat in a tire I had bought from another Big-O shop. They told me to stop-by anytime to get it fixed. I said I’d be there within 45 minutes.

    Forty minutes later, I pulled into the shop. They immediately took my car into the garage and offered me a cup of coffee. In less than a half-hour, they fixed the flat (a nail), rotated all the tires, balanced the tires, inspected the brakes (they were already in the neighborhood,) and put the limited service spare back under the trunk. All I had asked was for the tire to be fixed!

    Oh, did I mention this was all done for No Charge…?

    Rick, near Portland, OR”

What do you think? Have you had similar experiences with Big-O?


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  1. Wow…wish there was a Big-O in the Chicagoland area…although I’ve had good experiences with Justires…good service, just slow.

  2. thrillhouse says:

    My wife has had similar service from a Big-O while in college. Seems they’ve got something going here… Kudos to the Big-O.

    good to see some positive CS feedback posted here – thanks, Consumerist

  3. ModerateSnark says:
  4. Spr1dle says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Big O and Tire Kingdom are owned by the same company. I’ve had great experiences with both Big O (in Michigan) and Tire Kingdom (in Louisiana).

  5. J.D. Roth says:

    Another tire company in the Pacific Northwest with legendary service is Les Schwab. I’ve never had to pay for anything there but the tires themselves. Any time I have a flat or other issue, I simply stop by the nearest store and they fix it quickly and without question. It’s amazing. They’ve pretty much earned me as a customer for life! (Plus, every February they give away free beef whenever you buy tires. It’s free beef, I tell you!)

  6. ValkRaider says:

    +2 on the Les Schwab.

    Les Schwab is by far, hands down, the best customer service I have ever recieved from *any* company ever.

    Just last week I went in to get my regular (free) rotation and balance and I was early. They opened at 7:30am and after dropping off a friend at work it was only 7:00am on a Saturday morning. They saw me waiting out there when they arrived, and called me in and did my tires before they even opened.

    Long before I was a Les Schwab customer I had a flat that was in a set of OEM tires. I took it to Les Schwab expecting like a $10 to $15 fee. When they gave it to me free, I thanked them and they said “No, Thank YOU. Just make sure that you come back when you want to buy tires.”

    So I did. And have done for the last two sets. They even helped me troubleshoot a problem that Chevrolet claimed they “could not duplicate” – and for free.

    Les Schwab is the shiznit.

    They even pay their store management more than they do their corporate executives. When a newspaper asked Les (the founder) why they do that he said “Store managers make money, corporate executives spend money”. All their employees have profit sharing, and they have extremely low turnover rate. They closed a major tire re-treading operation and made sure that all of the several thousand employees were absorbed into the company and kept their jobs.

    Just a good company all around.

  7. Paul D says:

    Not to piss on the Big-O lovefest here, but I have a dissenting opinion.

    Back in the day, a friend of mine had a Jeep Cherokee with a custom stereo and subwoofer box he’d built in the back. It was a real work of art: dual 15’s, 6×9’s, sealed enclosures, hidden wiring, carpeted to match the interior. A lot of work and money.

    My friend had to leave the Jeep at a Big-O-Tires overnight for some non-tire-related work. They called the next day and said the work was done, and he could pick it up anytime.

    I took him to pick up the Jeep. He went in, paid, got his keys, went out to his Jeep…

    And the entire sub box was gone, amps and everything. You gotta remember, this thing was HUGE. Took up the entire cargo area of the Jeep. We’re talking at least a 2-man, 30-minute job to remove it.

    Naturally he was flabbergasted. He went straight back into the office to raise a stink. The manager actually laughed at him and claimed they were “not responsible for items left in the car”.

    Nevermind the fact that such a policy is total crap. This was not something merely “left” in the car; this was an integrated custom speaker cabinet. Furthermore, the Jeep was locked when my friend left it the day before, and Big-O had the keys. There was no evidence of a break-in.

    It was quite obviously an inside job. I thought my buddy was gonna slug the manager’s smirking face.

    Long-story-short (too late!), he had to get a lawyer to threaten legal action before Big-O agreed to pay for the lost equipment. However, as I recall they only paid for the speakers and amps (and not actual replacement cost, mind you) and not for the cabinet, materials, or time that my friend had put into his custom box.

    He never got around to replacing all the equipment. It would have cost too much to get it back to its former glory.

    So there it is.

  8. dancemonkey says:

    gee guys, I sent in my diametrically opposed Big-O story not 5 or 6 days ago and nary a peep was heard. they basically screwed me. I had a flat that they kept repairing, but it kept going flat. I insisted the tire was defective and they should replace it, they said no but we’ll keep repairing it for you for as long as you own it. thanks for nothing.