11 Things to Be Learned From Country Billboards

His eyeballs on sabbatical from ocular saturation in the frenzied consumerism of modern day civilization, John over at American Copywriter decided to go on a long, relaxing drive through the barren heartland of America. To daydream while golden fields of wheat oscillated in the summer breeze! Where the only advertisements were the brand marks on the flanks of lowing cows!

Of course, it’s not that easy to get away from consumerism. Even out in the middle of America’s farm country, John saw enough billboards to put together a list of things he learned about advertising while driving to the lake:

1. On billboards, small town car dealers generally wear tuxedos and point at you or in the direction of their dealership. They really are very pointy people.

2. The less popular the restaurant chain, the more specific driving directions they tend put on their billboards. See, if the food isn’t great, the directions need to be. Or so it seems.

3. Both churches and Adult-oriented merchants believe strongly in the power of outdoor advertising. Outdoor companies are laughing all the way to the bank

My favorite? Number 11. “My wife cannot pass an outlet of the Kum & Go chain of convenience stores without a small giggle.”

11 things I learned about advertising while driving to the lake. [American Copywriter]

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