The Broader Side of Billboards

John January over at American Copywriter posted an amusing series of musings he had while driving across the Midwest and observing the billboards dotting the road. A choice selection:

1. On billboards, small town car dealers generally wear tuxedos and point at you or in the direction of their dealership. They really are very pointy people.

2. The less popular the restaurant chain, the more specific driving directions they tend put on their billboards.

3. Both churches and Adult-oriented merchants believe strongly in the power of outdoor advertising.

5. Some guy named Jesse Yokam will drill wells for you. Hey, if I need a well drilled, he’s the only brand I know.

6. There really are lots and lots of McDonald’s in the world.

8. Ratty signage and a full parking lot is a good indication that you’ve found a decent local restaurant.

The full monty at American Copywriter.