Freeze Poop!

For only $12.99, you can have possess the power to freeze poop with just a blast from this 12 oz can. It contains no CFC’s and doesn’t harm vegetation. Removes the “mush factor” from animal waste disposal without the pesky waiting for the forces of time and weather.

Its Amazon reviewers are as gushing as they were varied. Some saw it as a useful replacement TP in a pinch or found that the product eliminated the need for more dangerous liquid nitrogen, while others claimed to have reduced, reused and recycled by turning the animal waste into decorative ornaments.

However, one blogger found the whole idea preposterous, with a post entitled: “i had no idea that poop was so difficult to scoop…

A testimonial on the official Poop-Freeze site reads, “”One of my chores that I love to hate is picking up our beloved Buddy’s poop. POOP-FREEZE changed that – it’s makes this chore fun (but don’t tell my mom that).”
Kaitlyn A., Harpers Ferry, WV (Aged 12)

America, you’re disgusting. Don’t forget to pick up the official tote bag.

Poop-Freeze Aerosol Freeze Spray at Amazon. (discounted 32%).

(Thanks, we think, to Scott!)


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  1. That’s funny I think my office uses this product to clean our keyboards and sensitive equipment…

  2. Jamaicanbwoydre says:

    This is nothing new, it’s basically just the canned air that’s used for cleaning electronics and your keyboard, that you can buy at most Office Stores, all you is turn the canned air upside down an VIOLA! some poop freeze, no Amazon required. I dunno if this is some special formula tho.

  3. non-meat-stick says:

    This is more likely canned freeze spray. When I repaired cell phones we had the canned air to blow stuff off circuit boards and the freeze spray for working with them and components.

    Canned air upside down is fun. Spray someone in their armpit and their shirt sticks to their hair, painful. the crotch is the best though….

  4. ValkRaider says:

    Sounds like Va-poo-rizer to me…

  5. Kat2 says:

    I hope none of these people who are so disgusted by dog poop ever have kids… I’d hate to think what happens when they have to change a diaper!