UPDATE: The Broken Laptop I Sold on Ebay

Amir Massoud Tofangsazan has gotten more popular than he could have ever dreamed, or wanted.

After selling a broken laptop on Ebay and waiting two months before shipping it, the buyer was pleasantly surprised to find Amir didn’t wipe the hard drive. He then created a blog and posted several unflattering photos and details of Amir’s life, including over 90 camera phone pictures of women’s legs taken on the train, Amir’s resume and pictures of family and friends, as well as personal statements from his CV like:

“I am an exciting fun guy who loves to have fun and outgoing times.

“I find myself to be very honest on all occasions and I can be a romantic at times. I like to make people laugh at my expense so that they aren’t uncomfortable or upset in any way.”

Amir must be pretty darn tickled as many people are laughing at his expense. The blog has memed through the internet like a fat kid lip synching to Romanian techno music. The London press has picked up on the story and Amir has received death threats and racist phone calls.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Amir says, “I am shaking all over and I fear my reputation is going to be ruined.”

Don’t fear, Amir, it already is. More hot Tofangsazan action, after the jump…

“I have reported the website to the police who are investigating it,” said Amir, “and they have advised me to sue the buyer for libel.

“They have put photos of me and my family on there after hacking into my hotmail account, as well as publishing personal details and bits of my CV. There are photographs on there from the September 11 bombings, porn pictures and pictures of women’s legs which have absolutely nothing to do with me. Some people even think I took them.

“The laptop wasn’t even broken. It was in working order. The last few days have been a nightmare, some of my friends have seen it and my father is very angry.”

More than a few of Amir’s friends have seen the blog. As an additional stick in the eye, the laptop buyer also emailed everyone in Amir’s hotmail address book and told them to check out the site. The increased scrutiny doesn’t bode well for Amir’s career path as a barrister, or for his reputation back home in Iran, which tends to not look kindly on liars, thieves or upskirt photographers.

Amir’s Iranian-born father Mohammad said: “We have only just heard about this. It is very distressing for the family. I don’t think Amir will be coming back here for some time.”

“Yesterday Amir claimed the buyer had never sent any ‘polite requests’ for his money back,” said the Daily Mail.

“I have very little money and I am working nearly every day,” he said. “I am doing two A-levels and I want to become a barrister and I am afraid of my reputation being ruined.

“I will obviously be trying to get the website taken down as soon as possible.”

The blog’s creator, “Laptop Guy,” has pulled down the comments section, which boasted over 250 entries, as he doesn’t have time to moderate the remarks. A separate blog has been set up to carry on the discussion and track as the story develops like a Ebola in a monkey house, here: Amir Massoud Tofangsazan: The blog continues [NSFW]

(Thanks to Anna for the Daily News article!)


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  1. I wonder what eBay would have to comment on this?

    The comments section of the blog that were taken down, had a link which showed the account owned by Amir…it had -2 reputation and 50% negative feedback…this doesn’t help Amir’s defense…

    Still, it would be nice to have the whole story here, especially the eBay records.

  2. matto says:

    ebay should link to his blog from the “I got ripped off, what should I do?” support page, since its orders of magnitude more effective than anything ebay could be bothered to do.

  3. mrscolex says:

    I don’t want to be the guy who stands up for Amir. He sounds like a sleazeball– however– what “laptop guy” has done is morally reprehensible.

    So Amir is a liar and a sleazebag and he ripped you “laptop guy” off. It must have felt great finding all of that personal information but instead of using it to contact the authorities for fraud, “laptop guy” thinks it’d be much funnier to break the law and post Amir’s personal information on the web.

    As far as I’m concerned “laptop guy” is just as much of a sleaze and he’s caused much more damage than a mere 375£. Are we supposed to think it’s funny that a person’s life is destroyed? The score at this point should be “even” and the data should be pulled from online. Both parties should walk away.

  4. Elvisisdead says:

    Actually, in selling Laptop Guy the laptop, Mr. Upskirt sold the content on the drive, as well. The legality of the pictures does come into question, though. Even if Laptop Guy bought them, if they were taken illegally, then he could be in trouble.

    I do agree that logging into Hotmail, etc. is wrong, though. Even if the user/pass were stored locally, Laptop Guy shouldn’t have used it.

  5. CorporationsAreAwesome says:

    I don’t know, I don’t feel bad for Amir at all. Let’s say “laptop guy” goes to the police, he spends many, many hours dealing with this problem and maybe it gets resolved, maybe he sees some money back but not close to the time spent.

    Or he spends a few hours going all vigilante, entertains himself at least. And chances of Amir ripping someone off again, far reduced. And we also get entertained and get to see a scam artist humiliated, this is far better than a gruesome car crash (which is just about the most awesome thing ever to see on the road, I mean you just want to stop and look forever and ever – wow, that was off topic). Maybe everyone wins.

  6. Jon says:

    Actually Elvisisdead, the issue is not the legality of having taken the photos, the real issue is copyright. The seller didn’t sell the right to distribute the pictures with the laptop. Even if I sell you a physical copy of a photograph I’ve taken I haven’t sold you the right to publish that photo. I still own the copyright. I have a feeling the buyer might end up in some serious trouble for this one. Aside from the copyright issue (which would certainly be an amusing suit to pursue) the UK has far more stringent privacy and libel/slander laws than the US.

  7. SecureLocation says:

    Who the fuck cares if they’re legal? They’re hilarious and this ass bubble who sold the computer deserves a public reputation whuppin’

  8. Benko says:

    screwing people over on internet purchases is pretty damn frowned upon.. i mean, look at this blog! it’s dedicated to slamming people and companies who rip consumers off, either for money or time; including over the net.
    internet slander and embarrassment seems like a pretty fitting punishment for being a shoddy web-merchant, no?

  9. AcidReign says:

    …..I agree with SecureLocation. I’d love to get on that jury! I’d do my damndest to kick Amir in the teeth!

  10. Jesse in Japan says:

    Elvis, you’re right about the copyrights , but, though I’m no expert in British law, I can’t imagine that that would be a criminal matter. Reading somebody’s mail, on the other hand, is. Then again, it’s not the kind of thing for which a first-time offender would be sent up the river.

  11. Falconfire says:

    I rememeber a day when the law didnt even get involved. The kid tried to screw someone and he got caught with his pants down. In the past trying to sue would have just amounted to the kid getting verbal abuse from the judge for being a freaking wanker and getting exactly what he deserved before having to pay the legal fees for everyone involved.