SoHo Store Still a Scam

Guess what? Remember how we wrote about how that online “SoHo store” which sold Mac products at crazy discounts? How we said they were probably a scam? Well, according to a complaint we just got, they are. Brian claims to have lost $6704 in dealing with them. We wonder what Brian was trying to buy.

What’s interesting too is that is down now but a duplicate site, has sprung up in its place.

Brian’s letter contains some info that could be of interest to people trying to track down the site’s owner. Hopefully Brian is sharing it with the police as well.

Brian writes:

    “I was dealing directly with the alleged company named Soho Store, L.L.C., based out of Redondo, California. They posed as an electronics distributor warehouse. To make a long story short, I was to place my orders with them, and sent the money via wire to the following account:

    Wells Fargo Bank
    3110 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
    Name of Beneficiary: Damon George
    Account Number: 7629067476
    Routing Number; 121000248

    Wells Fargo would not give me any information on this account since I am not a beneficiary. However, someone must have gone in the bank to open an account, and probably to withdraw my money.

    Nonetheless, I discovered last night that this company is a complete fraud, and is currently being investigated by the FBI. Unfortunately for me, I did not learn this soon enough, and paid $6704.00 to the company. I realized that I had lost my money when I went to the website at, and could no longer pull up the website. The website is no longer there, as you will see.

    The odd thing is that the scam artist who goes by the name of James K. Johnson, and is really an Estonian of a different name, called me on two occasions on May 24, 2006 from a Skype Phone. This call was made to my VOiP phone (Sun Rocket), which logged the call. Consequently, I know that this call can be traced back to not only his Skype Account, which he would have had to have paid for minutes on via some means, but also his computer’s IP address. This information can be obtained through the cooperation of Sun Rocket and Skype.

    Please make sure that you warn your members that this company is a total and complete scam.


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