Comcast Sucks It

Another log on the bonfire of Comcast’s legion crappy customer service, John’s internet went out for no reason and Comcast is going to take at least six days to show up. Six days without spam, guys taking videos of their coffee maker or DRM news.

Hm. Maybe we should sign up for that service.

John’s letter, after the jump…

UPDATE: Looks like he’s getting some resolution. Behold! The power of flaming.

John writes:

    “You said you were hurting for gripes. Good timing.

    My Comcast cable is suddenly out. My three digital cable boxes, I should say, because the single TV using the non-cable box analog method still works for network channels, for some reason.

    I called Comcast technical support. Several times I got a message saying, “Due to high call volume we can’t answer your call. Goodbye.” And I was hung up on.

    I finally got through to Ricardo. I’ll spare you all the painful blow-by-blow, but suffice it to say he was not helpful or even apparently bright enough to give me any confidence that he had any idea what he was talking about. It ended with Ricardo telling me he had no idea why my cable was out after working for years, but he offered to schedule a service call. SIX DAYS FROM TODAY.

    I asked Ricardo, “Since it took me an hour to get through to Comcast ‘Due to high call volume,’ why can’t you just level with me and tell me if there is a problem in my area that’s going to be fixed sometime soon?” Ricardo said there was no high call volume, nor was there any general problem in my area. So I asked, “Then why have I been being told there was and being hung up on for an hour?” Ricardo had no idea.

    Will I expand my relationship with Comcast to put my high speed internet connection and phone service into the same basket as my cable service when no one can even show up inside of six days even when there is no high problem call volume? Or will I spend the next six days seeing if DirecTV can get their service running before Comcast shows up? Guess.”

UPDATE: Squeaky wheel, grease, etc. Johnn writes,

    “Thomas, from the Executive Office (he said), called back today in response to an e-mail flame of mine yesterday on the problem. He moved the service call date forward from Sunday to Thursday. When I asked if my bill would be prorated he said he would do it for me if I called back after the problem is fixed on Thursday. He said there was no general problems in my area, but that there were a high degree of problems in my area that were swamping the number of technicians they had and so they were behind. Don’t know exactly what that means.”


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  1. Call the bill payment or accounts department and demand a pro-rated bill based on the six days that you don’t have cable service. They have to give it to you.

    I had a similar experience where my cable boxes were mysteriously not working and nobody could fix it remotely. They scheduled a service call that I would have to take a day off of work for in 6 days (just like you!). So, I demanded a pro-rated bill for the days that I didn’t receive service and when I came home from work the next day there was a message on my answering machine explaining that they were able to fix the problem at one of their repeating stations or something…blah blah…”please call us back and let us know if the problem is fixed…”

    Amazing how when it costs them something, the problem gets fixed right away.

  2. jonfeldman says:

    I’ll bet big money that Ricardo is in a call center a long way away from you – the outage caused them to roll calls out of the area. Overall though, its another good reason to sign up for their phone service, which has the POTS 99% SLA – you’ll get much faster response when you approach it from the phone side than the data or tv.

  3. P33KAJ3W says:

    I work for Comcast and in my area (OR/ SW WA) this never happens. If your experence is in this area I will gladly rectify it to the best of my abilities. Also you should be ablre to get your standered cable with out a box, so just remove yours untell the service call if possible.

    jonfeldman, we try to answer calls in the order they were receved (in this market over 90% are answered in 30 seconds or less)reguardless of what service you have with us. Also with very few exceptions (high call volume not being one of them) you will always get someone local.

    crayonshinob, sometimes the headends have a problem that causes outages to many residents. The first ones who call in are hard to tie to that problem because we do not know the root of the problem yet. Many times trouble calls are scheduled then the customer will get a call back telling them that we may have fixed there problem.

  4. P33KAJ3W says:

    Sorry for got to spell check ;)

  5. Ahhh, they’re defending themselves somehow!

    Point taken P33kaj3w…now if only you can somehow explain away Comcast’s monopoly and ridiculous pricing, then you’ll be my hero.

  6. Amy Alkon says:

    You’re out more than the six days. There’s also the cost of being driven insane and being inconvenienced. Comcast cut the wires or somehow screwed them up, messing up my Internet service for a month. I know this because their service guys went up the pole and told me it was their other service guys who made a mistake. I wanted two months free. They ended up charging me $39 for a year for my service (normally overpriced at $60 because I use DISH instead of Comcast’s cable service). Basically, I called them and told them I’d switch to Verizon DSL if they didn’t make good. They did. Now, we just need to have a non-monopolistic system so these assclowns can’t charge so much. In France, for under $30, you can get phone, Internet and cable in a package. In the USA, charging me $60 for Internet alone? Well, for that price, they should provide champagne and canapes with every service call.

  7. AcidReign says:

    …..You’re doing well. I’m getting hosed for $42 a month by Bellsouth for a service that rarely exceeds 1000 kbps. By my calculations (I am educated by Alabama schools, so bear with me!) I’m paying about $504 a year. I can get Charter internet via the cable, but the folks on my street who have it say that after 5 PM, you’re lucky to equal dial-up speed. More likely, you’ll get a 404 when you dial up your favorite website. There is satellite internet available, but it’s over $100 a month. And the upload speed is via a modem and you get a lot of long-distance fees on your phone bill to boot!

  8. honestdc says:

    We had just bought a computer with the new WindowsVista program on it and then signed up with comcast for our internet and phone. We got it all set up and it kept kicking us off of the internet every few minutes. I called comcast out and he thought he fixed it and left. Unfotunately the problem wasnt fixed but he had gived me his # and ended up coming back 3 times to try to figure out the problem and replaced a bunch of hardware. It turns out that McAfee (the Security)that Comcast provides does not work with the new WindowsVista.But it was nice to be treated the way that I was. Comcast is awesome