Cancelling Vonage, The Nick Denton Story

Have you ever wanted to stand in Nick Denton’s shoes, astride a vast and powerful blog network? Us neither, but if you did, your wet dream has just come true. Nick’s on the phone with Vonage and it’s not to congratulate them on losing 13% of their share price since their recent IPO. Rather, its to hang up the phone on Vonage, something they’re a little less than helpful with enabling…

Some time before 3… Nick Denton calls Vonage.
2:58 Nick sends us an email, subject line, “Cancelling Vonage.” He complains about having to call customer service to cancel. The phone tree doesn’t have an option for cancelling so he presses 0 for a CSR. He travels along their script with the CSR interrogating him as to whether he’s educated about Vonage international, about how if gets an extra line he gets two months free, etc. Oh? You want to cancel? Please hold for an “account specialist.”
3:05 Still on hold…
3:15 Holding…
3:23 Nick has been on hold for 31 minutes. He IM’s us. After working for Gawker for 4 months, this is the first IM we got from our boss. That historic conversation posted after the jump…


See? Nick puts on his pants like everyone else in the morning, one gold-encrusted leg at a time.


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  1. OkiMike says:

    Nick Denton, may your breath flow freely in our humble direction…

  2. Nate says:

    Doesn’t everyone have a Vonage cancellation story? The guy in India transferred me to a specialist, who sounded like he was operating out of a pump-n-dump boiler room. Maybe they can offer FREE Vonage stock to anyone who still wants to be a customer.

  3. billhelm says:

    I try not to do business with companies that don’t offer a viable cancel option via their website. They do it as a hurdle and it sucks.

  4. edrebber says:

    Just cancelled vonagae an they charged me a $39 cancellation fee. I am disputing with my credit card company.

  5. cornholeshop says:

    I requested vonage cancellation yesterday after discovering unauthorized debit in my CC:

    03/08/2008 Vonage *Price+taxes 866-243-4357 Nj $41.89

    WTF. I shredded this WaMu card in 3Q ’07. Next stop WaMu.