Man Finds Circuit City Pleasant

Man goes to Circuit City, twice.

Has good experiences, twice.

Universe implodes, then explodes, settles for taking deep breathes in a brown paper lunch sack…

Josh writes:

    “Greetings. I figured I’d tell you about my positive shopping experience at Circuit City. I’ve actually had two, believe it or not. One was in Kennesaw, GA (on Barrett Pkwy) and the other was in Vinings (a suburb of Atlanta in Cobb County, GA). In Kennesaw, I got the computer I wanted, the Circuit City financing program I wanted, and no hard sells or upsells. The computer guy seemed to intuit that I knew my stuff and answered my questions without trying to BS me.

    So, when I wanted to buy a TiVo, I went back to Circuit City. They were out of them at the Kennesaw store, so I went to the Vinings store. The guy who helped me in TVs was new, and made sure he didn’t mess up by telling me up front “I’m new, let me go check on that for you”. He let me open the box so I could look at the back of the unit I would actually be buying. He held it on a shelf while I went over to networking. The two guys I talked to in networking were also very helpful.

    I know a lot of people who have had bad experiences at CC, but so far this century, mine have all been good. At least, here in Georgia.”


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