Man Finds Circuit City Pleasant

Man goes to Circuit City, twice.

Has good experiences, twice.

Universe implodes, then explodes, settles for taking deep breathes in a brown paper lunch sack…

Josh writes:

    “Greetings. I figured I’d tell you about my positive shopping experience at Circuit City. I’ve actually had two, believe it or not. One was in Kennesaw, GA (on Barrett Pkwy) and the other was in Vinings (a suburb of Atlanta in Cobb County, GA). In Kennesaw, I got the computer I wanted, the Circuit City financing program I wanted, and no hard sells or upsells. The computer guy seemed to intuit that I knew my stuff and answered my questions without trying to BS me.

    So, when I wanted to buy a TiVo, I went back to Circuit City. They were out of them at the Kennesaw store, so I went to the Vinings store. The guy who helped me in TVs was new, and made sure he didn’t mess up by telling me up front “I’m new, let me go check on that for you”. He let me open the box so I could look at the back of the unit I would actually be buying. He held it on a shelf while I went over to networking. The two guys I talked to in networking were also very helpful.

    I know a lot of people who have had bad experiences at CC, but so far this century, mine have all been good. At least, here in Georgia.”



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  1. GenXCub says:

    Perhaps it’s all in the location. I haven’t had bad CC experiences, but I have to say, among CC, BB, and Fry’s, it’s the company I’ve had to return the most defective merch.

  2. DeeJayQueue says:

    I as well recently had a great experience at Circuit Shitty:

    It was about 9:30 on a friday. I’d seen a $100 digital camcorder on the website and wanted to take a look at them. They didn’t have one on display but the ‘camera girl’ walked me over to the web kiosk and had me look it up right there. She surmised that it was under the counter and was very pleasant and patient while we made up our minds. Eventually we decided to buy it and waited an extra 10 minutes while she helped someone else so that we could have her help us again. It was just very refreshing to have someone so willing and pleasant to help us with our purchase.

  3. QuasiInformed says:

    Here in Northern Virginia, I have found most CC employees would rather be anywhere else but CC. The online order with store pick-up is a great work-around; online ordering without the shipping charges or wait. Print order, take to store, barely enter store, and only have to deal with one bored/stoned/suicidal employee.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    James writes:

    “Next time, at least let me know if you’re going to use one
    of my photos before posting them on your blog. Well, I’m
    glad that it was for a moderately positive reference to the
    store, I guess.”

  5. Smoking Pope says:

    Once upon a time I went into CC and asked for help buying a computer. I claimed I needed to use the internet, send e-mail, and write letters and that was it. Of course this was just a ruse as I’m a techie and I was curious to see if they’d try taking me for a ride. The CC sales rep promptly steered me over to the next to most expensive PC they had.

    I tried the same thing at Best Buy and was told, “if that’s all you’re doing, you’re probably better off going with something on the cheap end of the scale.” I never went to CC again.

  6. I too had a recent good experience at Circuit City. I went with a friend – we were both there to buy new digital cameras. We knew what we wanted, and we knew they had them in stock. Still, their camera guy was incredibly knowledgable and helpful, helped us to get accessories (that we needed and asked for – no upselling involved), and really knew his stuff. I am going to write a letter to them, because it was the kind of customer service experience one rarely experiences nowadays.