Blister Packs Maim

More often than not, the only thing you shear in half with those box cutters you employ when trying to open the blister packaging encasing your latest piece of cool swag like a translucent block of carbonite is your motherfucking hand.

Why do they make bubble packaging so hard to open? Pretty obviously, it’s there to thwart shoplifters, whom are often not packing the chainsaw within their baggy overcoats necessary to actually open one of the things up. Wired’s article on the subject of blister packing examines the culture of insurance that has given rise not only to numerous emergency ward visits but to one of consumerists’ biggest pet peeves as well.

Tales from packaging hell [Wired]


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  1. Tiny Clanger says:

    At the risk of sounding spammy (no connection with the company, honest!) the OpenX ( might be worth a go.

    They don’t say if it comes in a blister pack, though…

  2. Plasmafire says:

    I would say the packaging on blister packs has cut my fingers open at least 30 times. I love it when you cut the pack open and reach in to get the products out then the plastic acts like a razor blade and cuts my fingers or hands open, it makes the product seem so very user friendly, expecially when my blood is all over what was inside the pack. I have learned to have bandaids on hand whenever I open a blisterpack, and to completely cut the pack apart with my lightweight metal shears before reaching for what is in the package.

  3. DFrakes says:

    As someone whose job involves receiving 10 to 20 blister-pack-enclosed products each week, I can tell you they’re the bane of my (and my fingers’) existence. When I saw the OpenX, I ordered three — yes, each arrived in its own, cut-inducing blister pack. Unfortunately, the OpenX works only on certain package designs — on many blister packs, it’s easier to just use scissors.

    The other thing to mention is what an utter waste of resources blister packs are — we recycle every little bit of plastic here in the office, but I can’t help thinking how much better off we’d be to not have to recycle it in the first place.

  4. OkiMike says:

    Yet, the article didn’t say how to open the PVC packs effectively. Nor did they comment on why PVC-using companies felt the need to use PVC over the thinner plastic cases that pop open and are apparently just as effective in deterring theft.

    Fucking idiots.

  5. Kat2 says:

    TinyClanger – The OpenX used to come in a blister-pack, when I ordered one, but when I ordered one for my mom a few months later, they had packaged them differently; much easier to get out. I really like the OpenX. It’s hard if the plastic packaging is too close to the product – e.g. if the blister tightly fits. If there’s an empty inch or so there, it’s a lot easier.

  6. Plasmafire says:

    Can we sue them for not having warning labels on their blister packs?