Best Buy Enjoyed By Man

Man goes to Best Buy. Has pleasant time. Universe implodes. Again.

You may want to check and see if the ocean’s are boiling or the moon’s turned to blood, but I just had a really good experience at Best Buy…

Read more of this farce of a real-life fairy tale, after the jump…

Dan writes:


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  1. limiter says:

    I don’t believe it. Liar liar pants on fire! Best Buy would never do that unless they put out a hit on Dan (with specific instructions to use his new camcorder for the final fatal blow). Anyone check and see if he is dead?

  2. non-meat-stick says:

    the man is obviously delusional…

  3. salehdidit says:

    how can 10% off a sub-400 item lead to $50 savings?

  4. greghard says:

    “how can 10% off a sub-400 item lead to $50 savings?”

    That’s the NEW math.

  5. dukerayburn says:

    I just had a similar experience the other day at the ol’ big yellow tag. I purchased a router which I in the end didn’t need, but had misplaced the receipt. I took it back to the store with the card that purchased it and threw myself at the mercy of the returns clerk. But she was able to print up a new receipt in a jiffy and get my money back to me right away. I was…enjoyably surprised.