Barbie Brand Extension Prompts Farking

Like a tired brand getting a face lift, the revelation that Mattel will trot a line of 50’s inspired Barbie dolls prompted Farkers to Botox another trope, the inapropropriate occupation Barbie.

Pictured below are the two best: Postpartum Barbie and Permanent Vegetative State Barbie.

That’s almost as bad as “Scottish Fling Barbie,” or “Lingerie Barbie 1” or “Lingerie Barbie 2” whom there’s absolutely nothing indelicate about, which is why of course they only show you heads-up shots of the doll sporting, “A white satin bra and panty ensemble trimmed with white lace and pale pink bows, white stockings and garters.” No worries, there’s a shot here (white) and here (black).

Shock, horror, titillation.

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