Turning the Tables on the Hudson

Robert Norton is staying at the Hudson Hotel here in New York and his feet are cold:

Staying in this hell hole and have full sympathies with Jason Calcanis. He complained about the heating here and got a few nights refund.

Well I have been here since Sat – arrived to a freezing room, was told heating didn’t work in summer months and have not been able to sleep for last two nights because my switched off air conditioning unit keeps waking me up with the sounds of clanging irons.

All I can say is Ian Schrager – once a nightclub promoter always a nightclub promoter.

Once you leave the swanky lobby area, this must be the worst hotel I have ever stayed at in NY.

P.S. also the night manager Chris Vargess doesn’t even say sorry (aaaahhhhhhhh!)

Sorry for what, we wonder, but not enough to find out for ourselves.

The Hudson Hotel receives a 9.5 rating on CitySearch, and even garnered a 2001 award for Best Bargain Hotel. The savings apparently comes from, among the lack of other amenities, skinflint heating. However, Calacanis reports paying $450 a night. At those rates, you can buy a sweater.

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