UPDATE: Win $1000

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We want you to have $1000 and will give you a prize for just trying to collect it.

We want you to have $1000 and will give you a prize for just trying to collect it.

Last Friday, we posted on how to win $1000 from your phone company by taking them to task over their illegal sale of your records to the government.

For the person who sends in the best photo evidence of them mailing their “You Owe Me $1000” letter to their telephone company, we offer your choice of:
1) The right to write one Consumerist post.
2) A Gawker T-shirt.
3) A packet of coupons from our weekend paper.

Today, we ourselves decided to put a stick in their eye and stick $1000 in our pocket. Here’s the handy photo gallery showing what we did. (If there’s no pictures below, hit refresh, our code is buggy…)

Here’s how to enter (at one or more of the points below, you need to take a photograph of yourself doing the deed):
1) Print out this page.
2) Circle section 2707 and section 2702.
3) Take your latest telephone bill.
4) Scratch out the number following AMOUNT DUE, replacing it with that number minus one-thousand.
5) Place the modified bill and the printout from steps 1 and 2 inside the envelope provided, making sure the address shows through the plastic window.
6) Affix a stamp to the upper right hand corner. The post office will not deliver without proper postage.
7) Mail the letter.
8) Send your photos to tips@consumerist.com

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