On Second Thought, You Can Have Your Identity Back

Call it a case of mistaken identity. Extremely, mistaken identity. For, it’s always a good idea when stealing someone’s identity to make sure the person is worth pilfering. Look for people with good credit records. Also, avoid assuming the form of a convicted sex offender. From Tennessean:

    “Alejandro Borbonio-Fernandez, 41, was arrested April 27 after he started working in Murfreesboro under the identity of a man who was deported after failing to sign up for the sex offender registry, according to Anthony Langeland, a senior special agent with the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Langeland testified…that Borbonio-Fernandez stole the deported man’s Social Security number. [He] said Borbonio-Fernandez used the Social Security number to obtain a fraudulent resident alien card. The defendant seemed not to realize the card was in the name of a sex offender.”

We might want to make an exception for Alejandro as he seems to display prescient, if not psychic, powers. We could use more empaths in America. For instance, he claims to have found the Social Security card right where Social Security itself will be in 10 years.

    “He said he found the Social Security card in a trashcan in South Carolina,” Langeland said.”

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