Australians Can Legally Watch Tapes Only Once

Did you think American copyright laws were draconian? Thank blazes you didn’t spill forth from the same mucousy marsupial pouch as Yahoo Serious into a lifetime of Australian citizenship.

Australians have never been able to record television shows on their VCRs; it’s always been flat-out illegal. Fair enough — one of those delusional little laws that is on the books but everyone from politicians to citizens feel free to circumvent at their leisure. But Australian lawmakers apparently realized that expecting people not to record media on their legal-to-own recording devices was a bit absurd, so they loosened up the law.

So what copying right do Australians have now? They can now legally record a television show or radio program, but they are obliged by law to destroy the copy after one use. Want to have a keepsake of that time your cute little daughter filmed on the local news sitting on Santa’s lap? Go to hell, Aussie!

Australians can only watch recordings once. Once, mind!

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