Urbanely Renew Chest Space

In a never-ending quest to provide you with attractive ways to shield your body from water, sun and wind, we stumbled across a trove of graphic shirts sure to make lesser t-‘s shiver themselves into threadlessness.

Beautiful/Decay magazine boasts a line designed by established off-the-big-radar artists including Johnny Cupcakes, and Saiman Chow, the same artist who did the adicolor Black video. They’re pretty. They’re cool. We would like to adorn our flesh with them.

There’s some definite misses in the collection but enough choice picks to make it worth perusal. Pictured are three of the t’s we’ve earmarked for possible personal purchase.

At $29.95, they’ll put a ding in the petty cash box but it will be more than worth it for when members of your favorite sex run their fingers up and down your chest, asking you where you got that great shirt.

Get some Beautiful/Decay shirts right hurr.

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