UPDATE: Lipstick Lesbians Can’t Save FCUK, Even Through Plagiarism

Did you like that FCUK Lipstick Lesbian Kung-Fu Fighting video we posted earlier? We did too, so much that we’re going to post it again… only this time, we’re going to post the Groovecutters’ ‘We Close Our Eyes’ music video its totally fucking plagiarizing.

Or simultaneously, after the jump:


Still not convinced? Check the Groovecutters’ website for a shot by shot comparison!

How do you explain the remarkable similarity? Both video and commercial have the same director.

We like the FCUK ad better, but both works suffer from the same drawback: watching hot women kiss is a lot less sexy when one of them has just pulled her face out of a toilet.

Thanks for the tip, Nick! We realize this is a bit old, people, but since we posted on the commercial’s failure to raise revenue, we thought it was still relevant.