MCI Loses The Sandman as a Customer

MCI has an impressive array of overlaid customer service systems. They have an automated email reply which carefully deduces your problem and sends back possible solutions, a guy in India and then another robot system of multiple steps you have to take so they can determine whether you’re actually an MCI customer and worthy of opening a ‘trouble ticket.’ Which might be dandy if any of these multi-million dollar apparatchiks worked, or, if in the first place, Neil Gaiman, of The Sandman fame, could call his daughter’s cellphone in the UK on MCI long distance lines.

When the international operator could call it just fine, and Neil could make the call on a neighbor’s Sprint lines, MCI suggested that his best solution would be to change carriers. Now there’s customer retention for you.

“I realized that nobody was listening, and I’d wasted too much of an afternoon already,” says Neil, “And I googled rate comparisons and cheerfully changed long distance carriers.”

Read more: “Farewell MCI” [Neil Gaiman’s Journal] (Thanks to Daniel and David!)

UPDATE: Now there’s an epilogue. MCI called him back. After he had already switched. (Thanks to Rhandir!)


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  1. Paul D says:

    No link!

    Bad bloggers! Bad!

  2. Paul D says:

    Link fixed.

    Sorry. Can’t talk. Foot taking up too much space in mouth.

  3. misskaz says:

    As a new fan of the Sandman series as well as Gaiman’s novels, I’m a little weirded out that 1. Neil Gaiman has a blog and 2. He talks about boring everyday shit in it, just like the rest of us.

  4. rmurray says:

    missrobin says:

    MCI is a rip off. I received numerous phone calls from sales representatives for MCI and told them not to call me back. However, they continued to call and this one gentlemen sales rep. finally talked me into going with their company. This occurred in March, 2006. I informed the sales rep. that I was on disability and I needed the Life Line and he promised me that it wasn’t a problem and my phone bill would be approximately $15.00 a month, which included caller ID. I have now paid MCI approximately $200.00 5 months later. They are not saying I owe them $75.00. You do the math. Everyone warned me about MCI and like I said I refused their calls and told them not to call me again, but one afternoon this one gentlemen talkd me into believing his lies. MCI tells me now my phone bill is approximately $42.00 a month. They are full of crap. I taped the phone calls luckily and I will be taking them to court if this matter is not resolved soon.