BREAKING: Wells Fargo Loses Laptop With Customers Private Data

Lee received a letter today from Wells Fargo notifying him that they lost a laptop containing his and other customer’s private data.

The laptop contained his name, address, Social Security number and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loan Account information.

The letter states that, “the computer had two layers of security, and [Wells Fargo has] no indication that the information has been accessed or misused.” That part is underlined.

The computer was being shipped by a global express shipping company between Wells Fargo facilities. According to the letter, Law enforcement directed Wells Fargo to delay notifying all affected customers because they were concerned it would jeopardize their investigation. The missive goes on to detail and advise on various ways in which Lee could safeguard his data against identity theft.

Here’s the letter Wells Fargo sent him. [PDF]

Seems like a lot of laptops containing customers personal data have gotten misplaced lately. Maybe now is about time to stop putting customers data on them. Whaddya say, boys?