Bad Charge at Macy’s Leads to Good Deed

Chris sends in a happy story about Macy’s messing up, then going above and beyond to not only remedy the problem, but assuage its effects. His letter details exceptional service, but not surprising for a department store counter known for high levels of customer care.

If only all the globe’s ails could be fixed with a spritz of cologne and a bag of manicure sticks! What a nice-smelling and fine fingered world it would be.

Magic sparkle tendrils covered in unicorn smiles, after the jump…

Chris writes:

    “If you decide to post this one, please just refer to me as Chris. Thanks!

    My wife called me at work and asked me to pick up some Lancome eye cream for her on the way home. Some eBay purchases had fallen through (one seller shipped the wrong product, another turned out not to have it after all) so we had to suck it up and pay retail. Ow.

    I called around and found that Macy’s had plenty in stock. When I arrived they had even put some aside for me without my asking them to do so. I’m about to charge the $110 purchase when I get the usual spiel about opening a Macy’s credit card. I’ll get 15% off if I open the account now, and it only takes two minutes. Normally I bypass these things, but 15% off of $110 is not insignificant so, fine.

    The rep takes down my information and all I have to do sign the agreement screen. I notice that the summary screen says “CREDIT PROTECTION: Y.” Hmmm. She hadn’t asked if I wanted credit protection. I tell her that I don’t want it, as there is usually a charge for that.”

    “Oh,” she says, “I give that to everybody because it’s free.”

    “Are you sure?” I ask, “Every other credit card charges for that.”

    “Yes, absolutely,” she says, “That is what they told me.”

    I stupidly click OK and the transaction is processed. While I am waiting I review the paper credit agreement in front of me and sure enough there is a checkbox for optional credit protection, for which there is an implied but undisclosed charge. I show her this and the rep is obviously horrified. She calls over Someone Who Has Obviously Been Here Longer.

    “Oh yes, there’s a charge for that.” She says. SWHOBHL tells her to call Credit and get the charge reversed. The rep tries to navigate their VRU without much success. I, meanwhile, am waiting patiently, as I believe being a jerk about this will get me nowhere. She gives up and gets her Supervisor.

    Her supervisor valiantly stays on hold for a Credit supervisor for a good 30 minutes. “I have a very patient customer waiting here,” she says. Meanwhile, they try very hard to make up for the inconvenience. She tells the rep to find a Lancome gift to add to the package. The rep comes back with a little pouch and some manicure sticks.

    “We have better gifts. Find some of the good gifts in the back,” the supervisor says. “And find one of the nice gift boxes.”

    Meanwhile, the store Manager gets involved. He says, “Have someone take him over to the men’s fragrances and see if we can find him a tester he likes.” Something they can give me without making something go missing from stock.

    In the end, the Supervisor gets to a right person in Credit, who tells her that the $15 charge for credit protection will show up on my first statement, but that I should ignore it and it will show as credited on my second statement. She assures me that if this doesn’t happen to come see her and she will make sure it is taken care of. At this point I feel like she’s done everything in her power, and we’ll have to see if it plays out like she says.

    I come home with (in addition to the two eye creams for which I paid):

    – An unused 4oz tester of Obsession Night for Men (worth about $45 were it not a tester, my guess).
    – 10 samples of other colognes for men (Damn, wish I had tried the Hanae Mori, that’s good stuff).
    – The manicure sticks and bag
    – About 20 tubes of various Lancome lotions and creams
    – About 10 tiny “flat pack” Lamcome samples

    Other than the cologne I couldn’t say what the value of all this was, but my wife was impressed and happy. In the end I would have been happier if the rep had been properly trained in the first place, but I was pleased at the, “We know this is a big waste of your time and we’re going to try and make up for it somehow.”


    – Chris”

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