Hilarious Spamedy Sends Us Into Fits of Clicking ‘Junk,’ Checking Dictionary

Today we received a spam inquiring if we would like to see, “cute pulchritudinous teens hardcore *******” …emphasis subtracted, shall we say.

An otherwise brilliant piece of marketing marred by poor copy-editing, its greatest crime being, of course, redundancy.

pulchritude: Characterized by or having great physical beauty and appeal.

Stuff that in your anorak!


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  1. matto says:

    Coming next week, a stunning first-person on how Popken’s credit card info was ‘somehow stolen’ by an website of ill repute!

  2. Yeah, are spam emails news now? Expect my postcount to skyrocket.

  3. Transuranic says:

    Um, making minimal post count once in a while is fine long as I keep seeing them Morning Deals Roundup. and besides, Miss Jackson what cool shit have you posted for me late-lee?

  4. mrscolex says:

    Popken, you’re not fooling me. You went to starbucks and were playing with the “Akeelah and the bee” promotional materials.