Judge Compares FCC’s VoIP-Tapping Argument To Baby-Talk

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From BoingBoing:

From BoingBoing:

“A suit to force the FCC to stop demanding wiretapping back-doors in VoIP programs has had a major step forward today. EFF and a coalition of public-interest, industry and academic groups brought the suit against the FCC, and today saw a hearing in the DC Court of Appeals. Judge Harry Edwards presided, and he openly mocked the FCC’s arguments:

“‘This is wholly ridiculous,’ [Judge Harry] Edwards said, saying that Congress’ meaning was clear. The FCC’s argument, ‘is such gobbedlygook, it’s really funny…. It’s utter nonsense.’ “

Court Calls FCC CALEA Ruling “Gobbledygook … Utter Nonsense” [EFF]

AP’s version as picked up by USATODAY.

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